Grand Theft Auto 5 our new game ?

we need a new game guys!!! i think this is it.....

Battlefield Zombie Night

Battlefield Zombie Night

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Teamspeak 3 Update of 01-03-2015

Greetings soldiers of iQon Gaming,

A few days ago there was a update of our teamspeak server.
After this update there was a lot of complains of you guys about your permissions and ranks, i decide to make a topic here about the update for you guys.

What is changed in this update?
- All ranks has being reset (the premissions and all people removed out of the rank)
- All channels permissions has being changed, only people with iQon - regular rank can join all the channels, if you will be a guest you can only join "the lobby" and "request a admin channel".
If you have a friend coming on teamspeak he can't join the channel, thats we have a new function for all Members of iQon you can drag them to your channel! (please do NOT abuse this premission, other wise you will demoted!)
- There are now for all iQon - Premium members different rooms you can use (this is only for premium members)
- There are a couple of new ranks, iQon - Leader (this are the leaders of the clan) and iQon - Managers ( this is all admins who before had server admin rights)

This is changed in the update of 01-03-2015, i hope i have you give enough information about the update, if you after this still having any qeustions you can ask 1 of the leaders or FroggieNL (he did make this update).


New iQon Gaming website!

Greetings iQon soldiers/visitors,

after a long time to have been waiting for is finally here our final website!
This website is constructed by iQon-FroggieNL, of course we are grateful for his help for making the iQon website!
The images are created/provided by iQon Raven and iQon-Redbaron also we are grateful for their help!

Of course, there are still bugs in this new website for, report it as soon as possible to the management team or FroggieNL.
If you have any fun things come to mind? You can get rid of this on the forums or against iQon-RattieNL- iQon-Raven on Teamspeak or tell, thanks in advance for anyone who thinks along.

With best regards,

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